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Venue TBD - Stay Tuned!

Too exploratious to listen to her aunt read her a book, Alice follows a mysterious white rabbit down a hole, and finds herself in Wonderland.

A very curious place she soon realizes that you shouldn't always get what you wish for, and that being yourself, and taking your own advice, can be the very best thing.

Our Jr's have another hit on their hands, with our largest cast to date!

Cyndy Pennington

Jen Kroff

Elise Todd

Emma Ackerman
Small Alice

Katelyn Dameron
Queen of Hearts

Abbe Pennington

Paige Ujvari
Tall Alice

Kaitlynn Wilmer
White Rabbit

Anna Douglas
Billie the Lizard, Jury

Michael Ellis
March Hare

Alex Hileman
Tweedle Dee

Noah Leavitt
Tweedle Dum

Levi Leavitt
King of Hearts

Kayla Page

Jamie Stegman
Mad Hatter

Cayla Bankson
Doorknob 1, Flower Ensemble

Andreas McHugh
Cheshire Cat 1

Gil Pennington
Doorknob 2, Flower Ensemble

Brenna Ramm
Cheshire Cat 3

Abby Reynolds
Cheshire Cat 2

Sariah Smith
Dormouse, Caucus Race

Julia Birkholtz
Royal Cardsman 3

Maci Calabro

Emily Engelen
Royal Cardsman 2

Ashley Falcon

Katie Goforth

Ashley Howard

Sydney Johnson

Rachel Magnusson
Royal Cardsman 4

Carly Orr
Royal Cardsman 1

Jessica Ujvari
Dodo Bird, Jury

Annie Ackerman
Mouse 2, Jury

Anna Brandner

Ryan Brown
Caucus Race, Bug Ensemble

Hannah Brown
Caucus Race, Flower Ensemble

Cassie Call
Caucus Race, Jury

Carlie Daughtrey
Flower, Cardsman Ensemble

Hannah Daughtrey
Caucus Race, UnBday Ensemble

Abbey Douglas
Squirrel, Jury

Boston Dunlap
Goose, Cardsman Ensemble

Tyler Dunlap
Bird, Flower Ensemble

Kate Egan
Flower, Cardsman Ensemble

Ellie Goforth
Caucus Race, Jury

Nick Goforth
Bug, Cardsman Ensemble

Laura Herronen
Rock Lobster 2, Jury

Katelyn Howard
Caucus, UnBday Ensemble

Jacob Jewell
Dog, UnBday Ensemble

Emily Kroff
Duck 1, UnBday Ensemble

Leah Leavitt
Caucus Race, UnBday Ensemble

Katelyn Luchtenburg
Duck 2, Flower Ensemble

Annica Magnusson
Caucus Race, Flower Ensemble

Emily Magnusson
Rock Lobster 3, Jury

Gunnar McHugh
Card, Bug

Miah McKinney
Caucus Race, Bug Ensemble

Camryn Orr
Caucus Race, UnBday Ensemble

Samantha Pennington
Fish, UnBday Ensemble

Lalanee Sanchez-Marble
Rock Lobster 1, Jury