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Teenage singing sensation Conrad Birdie is going into the army! And as a goodbye, he will bestow one last kiss to a lucky Conrad Birdie fanclub member.

Kim Macafee of Sweet Apple, OH, becomes the lucky winner, in spite of her boyfriend Hugo's jealousy. And in the meantime, Conrad's Agent, Albert, has to prove to his girlfriend, Rosie, that he can leave his Momma and Conrad behind in hopes of a new life with her.

This classic musical is a family favorite, has been redone into a major motion picture, has been rereleased on Broadway, and was modernized by PPH's great directing team.

Shauna Marble

Joseph Smith
Music Director

Utah Lambert
Conrad Birdie

Dylan Phibbs
Albert Peterson

Rosamond Hopkins

Kenzie Kilroy

Lorelei Thorne
Kim Macafee

Raye Good
Mrs. Macafee

Geoff Pabst
Mr. Macafee

Jaykup Stagg
Randolf Macafee

Amanda Good
Kim's Best Friend

Michael Johnson
Hugo Peabody

Jordan Delfin

Sarah Pabst

Kyle Phibbs
Birdie Side-Kick

Alek Smith
Birdie Side-Kick

Chance Smith
Harvie Johnson

Bekah Brown
Birdie Fan Club

Katelyn Dameron
Birdie Fan Club

Juliet Delfin
Birdie Fan Club

Anna Douglas
Birdie Fan Club

Michael Ellis
Non-Birdie Fan Club

Taylor Haire
Birdie Fan Club

Kacee Haire
Birdie Fan Club

Sydney Johnson
Birdie Fan Club

Tori Loughe
Birdie Fan Club

Emily Lucero
Birdie Fan Club

Emily Mickelson
Birdie Fan Club

Makayla Shirley
Birdie Fan Club

George Small
Non-Birdie Fan Club

Jamie Stegman
Non-Birdie Fan Club

Mariah Waisner
Birdie Fan Club

Sierra Wells
Birdie Fan Club