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The Armory (Brighton)
300 Strong Street
Brighton, CO 80601

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Is He Dead? - Meet the great French painter Jean-Francois Millet, an impoverished artist in Barbizon, France who, with the help of his hysterical colleagues, stages his death in order to increase the value of his paintings. Because only a dead painter has any value of course... Afterwards Millet returns as his widowed sister 'Daisy' in order to keep his secret safe.

Laugh along with our Halloween-Debut of mistaken identities, at least 5 different accents, romantic deceptions, and tasteful cross-dressing.

This 'new' hilarious play by Mark Twain was only recently adapted to script form, after a Twain historian found the manuscript and had it published for use.

Shauna Marble
Director, Executive Producer

Brian Bernhard
Jean-Francois Millet/The Widow Daisy Tillou To-You!

Dylan Phibbs
Hans von Bismark ('Dutchy'), Millet's friend

Dave Rhoades
Agamemnon Buckner ('Chicago'), Millet's friend

Jason Shirley
Bastien Andre, Villian, Wish-He-Was-Dead

Freeman Bacon
Phelim Oshaunessey

Jill Daughtrey
Cecile Leroux, Marie's Sister, Undead

Don Dupree
Papa Louis Leroux, Marie's father

Stephanie Gastelbondo
Marie Leroux, the undead girlfriend

Mark Godwin
Various Undead People - count them all and win a prize!

Maureen Kelly Olsen
Madame Caron, Millet's Adoring Landlady