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A nervous school teacher's first day of school. She isn't sure if the kids will like her, if she'll know what to teach, or how she should teach it so she can be 'cool' and relate to the kids.

Even her own daughter wasn't sure what advice to give.

While waiting for her day to begin, the teacher turns on the TV to calm her nerves. As the hit TV show, School House Rock, comes on, suddenly the lights go out and her living room is filled with singing and dancing friends who help her discover how fun learning can be.

PPH's first show was incredibly fun, full of energy, and one we will never forget.

Shauna Marble

Jen Kroff
Music Director

Cyndy Pennington
Assistant Director

Amy Stuemky
Stage Manager/Assistant Music Director

Katelyn Dameron
her daughter

Sierra Wells
Miss Wells

Annie Ackerman

Austin Ackerman

Chloe Avis

Breanna Bogle

Hannah Brown

Bekah Brown

Maci Calabro

Michael Ellis

Tyler Fedemma

Colby Fordham

Ally Garcia

Kacee Haire

Taylor Haire

Sarah Harrington

Maryann Hayden

Katelyn Howard

Ashley Howard

Alax Johnson

Abbey Johnson

Kelson Lee

Tori Loughe

Emily Lucero

Emily Mickelson

Cheyanne Miller

Gil Pennington

Abbe Pennington

Alison Phillips

Hannah Smela

Alek Smith

Jaykup Stagg

Lorelei Thorne

Lindsey Wadsworth

Mariah Waisner

Alli Weber

Alex Wishoun