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The Armory (Brighton)
300 Strong Street
Brighton, CO 80601

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Notice about seating: Online ticket sales for this production are limited to 200 per show, which is less than our usual amount due to the unique stage configuration necessary to perform this production.

Shrek The Musical, based on the Oscar-winning DreamWorks film that started it all, brings the hilarious story of everyone's favorite ogre to life on stage.

PPH's all-age cast with contemporary Rock-style musical score, new stage and seating configuration, and more fun that you can imagine...this is our biggest production of the year, and a great way to celebrate PPH's big 6th season!

In a faraway kingdom turned upside down, things get ugly when an unseemly ogre (not a handsome prince) shows up to rescue a feisty princess. Throw in a donkey who won't shut up, a villain with a SHORT temper, a cookie with an attitude and over a dozen other fairy tale misfits, and you've got the kind of mess that calls for a real hero. Luckily, there's one on hand; and his name is Shrek.

Shrek The Musical is part romance, part twisted fairy tale and fun for everyone!

Shauna Marble
Director/Music Director/Choreographer

Courtney DesMarteau
Orchestra Conductor

John Hadfield

Amy Laumann

Dan Lawless

Ray Sievering
Lord Farquaad

Allex Hadfield

ToniJean Kile

Courtney Cox
Dragon, u/s Fiona, Soul Back-Up, Duloc Performer, Little Red

Ryan Bowman
u/s Shrek, Papa Ogre, Knight 1, Dwarf, Thelonius, Duloc Performer

Anna Polson
Mama Ogre, Wicked Witch, Duloc Performer

Lauryn Madsen
Queen Lillian, Snow White's Hag Witch, Bluebird

David Marcy
King Harold, Knight 4, Hunter/Prince

Mark Godwin
Knight 3, Tweedle Dee, Captain of the Guard, Duloc Performer, Tap Dancer

Brian Kile
Knight 2, Tweedle Dum, Duloc Performer, Tap Dancer

Erin Reeves
Peter Pan, Soul Back-Up, Duloc Performer, Tap Dancer

Madelyn Happ
Fairy Godmother, Duloc Performer

Allison Jensen
Kid Fiona, Spoon

Rachel Marcy

Hannah Marcy
Little Bo Beep

Adam McGrady
Humpty Dumpty

Mallory Moeller
Sugar Plum Fairy, Duloc Performer

Andrew Hadfield
Papa Bear, Pied Piper

Katie Harty
Mama Bear

Aiden Lawless
Brother Bear, Duloc Performer

Erik Madsen
Kid Shrek, Brother Bear

Maeghyn Williams
Baby Bear, Duloc Performer

Casandra Baird
Pig 3, Duloc Performer

Jessica Connell
Blind Mouse, Duloc Performer

Baylee Hadfield
Teen Fiona, Pig 2

Emily Lenehan
Pig 1

Todd Teter
Blind Mouse, Duloc Performer

Katey Tippets
Blind Mouse

Cindy Tovrea
Big Bad Wolf

Boston Dunlap
Jack, Duloc Performer

Treya Pember
Jill, Duloc Performer

Quinn Cochran
Mad Hatter, Duloc Performer

Trae Epema
Elf, Duloc Performer

Shauna Marble
Duloc Performer, Tap Dancer

Katelyn Anderson

Tyler Dunlap

Lacey Easdon
Little Bunny

Kennedy Lawless
Ugly Duckling

Deanna Marcy

Josalyn Tippets
Puss in Boots

Grace Wilson

KyleeAnn Brueggemann
Rat of Pied Piper

Shelby Gupton
Rat of Pied Piper

Rachel Riewerts
Rat of Pied Piper

Carlena Lim
Duloc Performer, Tap Dancer, Stage Manager