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The Armory (Brighton)
300 Strong Street
Brighton, CO 80601

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MAGIC TREE HOUSE: DINOSAURS BEFORE DARK KIDS is an adaptation of the first of Mary Pope Osborne's award-winning fantasy adventure books from the Magic Tree House book series. The books are number one New York Times bestsellers. What would you do if a tree house in your neighborhood could transport you anywhere you wanted to go? While exploring one afternoon, siblings Jack and Annie discover a tree house full of books. Jack looks through a book about dinosaurs and wishes he could see a real one. Suddenly the wind begins to blow and the tree house starts to spin wildly. When it finally stops, Jack and Annie open their eyes to find they have been transported back to the time of the dinosaurs. Join Jack and Annie on their adventure back in time to experience an amazing group of dinosaurs face to face. Performed by our upcoming youth pupils as part of their spring training, you will love this favorite story told with music and costumes on stage.

Shauna Marble
Director, Music Director

Quinn Cochran
Student Director, Choreographer

Quentin Caviness

Cammy Tow

Lacey Easdon
Tree, Henry, Mom, Ankylosaurus, Chorus

Ava Truax
Tree, Gary, Mom, Panoplosaurus

Katie Cassiday
Tree, Larry, Mom, Anklysaurus, Chorus

Hannah Fulps
Tree, Susan, Protoceratops, Chorus

Gretchen Gerwig
Stump, Mom, Dino2, Panoplosaurus, Chorus

Kadi McCann
Tree, Nattie, Panoplosaurus, Chorus

Allison Pippert
Otto, Mom, Dino1, Panoplosaurus, Chorus

Katelyn Whitaker
Tree, Joan, Panoplosaurus, Chorus

Mia Santella
Tree, Terri, Mom, Ankylosaurus, Chorus

Annah Truax
Sapling, Mom, Iguanodon, Chorus

Brynn Davis
Tree, Baby Dino, Iguanodon, Chorus

Maksym Marak
Tree, Anklosaurus, T-Rex, Chorus

Maddie Bell
Tree, Baby Dino, Iguanadon, Chorus

Jamison Cummings
Tree, Protoceratops, Chorus

Jacob Cummings
Tree, Protoceratops, Chorus

Dasha Stampher
Tree, Iguanadon, Chorus